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Property Agreements: Crafting Your Future Through A Tailored Arrangement

Property agreements are an integral part of any long-term relationship, even for those couples who have chosen not to marry. A property agreement between a married couple or a cohabitation agreement between a nonmarried couple can provide powerful legal protections. They will create clear rights and expectations for both you and your loved one while setting out the guidelines for the division of property at the end of the relationship, whether by death or by divorce.

At Warren & Kazen Law, we know that managing your assets and property is a cornerstone of your financial stability. Our Austin and Dripping Springs-based lawyers can help you put the right property agreements into place. We are experienced in Texas real estate as well as estate planning matters, both of which come into play with property agreements.

Premarital Agreements: Securing Your Future Before Saying “I Do”

Premarital agreements or “prenups” lay the groundwork for protecting your assets as you enter into marriage. Our attorneys can help you draft a clear, fair agreement that respects both you and your partner’s interests. We believe in preparing for every possibility, allowing you to start your married life with transparency and security.

Strengthening Bonds With Postmarital Agreements

Even after marriage, circumstances change, and so may your property and financial needs. Postmarital agreements offer a way to address these changes and protect your assets. Our team can spearhead the process of creating an agreement that reflects your current wishes and fortifies your financial well-being.

Cohabitation Agreements For Unmarried Partners

For partners who live together without marriage, cohabitation agreements are essential. These contracts protect each person’s property rights and outline responsibilities.

While it may be tempting to have an informal arrangement, verbal agreements aren’t enough. We can help you craft a legally binding cohabitation agreement that safeguards your interests.

Secure What Matters Most With A Property Agreement

Our team is committed to helping you protect what’s important. If you’re seeking solid property agreements from lawyers in Austin or Dripping Springs who are invested in your future, look no further. Reach out to us today at 512-982-1141 to take the first step toward peace of mind.